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Mike discusses the different courses that students can take after completing Intermediate TypeScript V2. They highlight the content and benefits of each course, and encourages students to continue their TypeScript learning journey to enhance their skills and take their code basis to the next level.


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>> So now that you've completed Intermediate TypeScript V2, there are several different courses that you now have the knowledge to take on. One of them is making TypeScript stick. So that's a course based around a lot of examples and a lot of hands-on practice that you can use to take these skills that we've learned and get a lot of exercise.

It's almost like personal training for working with types. Full Stack TypeScript is a course where we build a Node.js backend and a React frontend and have type-checking that works across both our backend and frontend. One set of types that sort of connects the two worlds together. Enterprise-scale TypeScript, that's where we discuss linting, project setup, how to achieve modular architecture within a git.repo for a larger TypeScript project, API surface extraction, and API documentation that uses your types.

You should also take a look at React and TypeScript, taught by Steve Kenny, where he gets into the finer points of using TypeScript within a complicated React app. I hope you found this course useful. I hope this gives you the knowledge that you need in order to take your TypeScript use and help your team take your code bases to the next level.

Thanks for joining us, and I hope you enjoyed the course. [APPLAUSE]

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