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Transcript from the "Wrapping Up" Lesson

>> That is the end of intermediate React. Congratulations for sticking through it, this is a lot of information all at once. So if you feel a little overwhelmed, it's because it's overwhelming. But I feel pretty confident, if you've taken this and the Complete Intro to React, you're pretty well prepared to take on any React project.

[00:00:19] Yeah, thanks for sticking with me. Please tweet me your satisfaction or dissatisfaction. If it's dissatisfaction, then please tweet it at Steve Kinney. If it's satisfaction, please tweet it at me. As always, I'd love a star on this repo. And thanks again, I'll see you all back in Frontend Masters soon, and yeah.

>> And they should check out the Frontend Masters learning path on React.
>> Definitely, so there is a Fronted Masters learning path for React. And there's several more courses in the series that you can definitely take, I could probably just show it to you really quick. There is one down here for React.

[00:01:03] So there's other things in here. Obviously, Steve's really good here with state management. More TypeScript, Redux fundamentals, Gatsby, if that's something that interests you, Next. There's a lot of directions to go here that you can definitely check out. React Native is also super interesting, design systems. It all depends on what your next steps are, you get more specialized as you go down there.

[00:01:28] So there's some really cool stuff. In Frontend Masters, there's always really some cool stuff. All right, thank you.