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>> Nina Zakharenko: Thanks for coding along with me in this workshop. I highly recommend that you use Source Control while working on your Python projects. GitHub is a popular and free option. If you want to learn more about Git, you can check out my Git In Depth Frontend Masters workshop.

For next steps, now that you know the basics just enough to get started working with APIs and Python and the request library, I think you know just enough to see exactly how powerful Python can be when you chain up all of these concepts together. Your next study topics are how to authenticate with APIs, how do you use the other http methods, like post, to create resources, or put to update them.

And read up on the request quick start guide. Some additional resources, if you wanna learn all about Python Flask, I would recommend you read The Flask Negatutorial. They don't really tell you all about the A to Zs of doing Python web development in Flask. Lastly, The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python is a free book.

I hope that today I've shown you that Python is fun. It's easy to learn and incredibly powerful. And I hope you continue on your Python journey.

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