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Nina introduces several commonly used Python frameworks, including Django, Pyramid, and Flask.


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>> Nina Zakharenko: In the next and final chapter, chapter eight, we're gonna talk about Web Frameworks. So web frameworks are a way for us to test and practice all of our newfound Python knowledge. And build a very, very basic web application with unit tests using Python and the Flask framework.

>> Nina Zakharenko: Let's go through the basics of Flask.
>> Nina Zakharenko: There are a few different types of web frameworks in Python. Django is a very popular one. It's a fully featured, high level framework for building web apps. Django focuses on automating as much as possible, many large scale sites run on Django.

Instagram is one of them. Django started out as a CMS project, a content management system for a newspaper. And Django is a pretty heavy framework, it has a lot of opinions on how things should work and how things should be structured. If you want something lighter weight, Flask is a good choice.

Flask is a micro framework for Python, and it allows users to make pretty basic backend APIs and web apps with a minimum amount of code. Flask is a little bit easier for beginners. It's not quite as opinionated, there are less setup steps, less requirements. So that's what I'm gonna be focusing on for today's exercises.

But don't think that flask is a simple web framework. The great thing about Flask is as your web application grows, you can add on all sorts of different modules to help you add on functionality for databases or other types of things that your web application might want to do.

Yet, another web framework that you might hear of or see as pyramid. It's a fast and it's an advanced framework to successor to the older pylons framework. So, still popular and used but not quite as popular for new projects. Permit is opensource and also actively developed.

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