Intermediate Python

TestCase Assertions & Testing Libraries

Intermediate Python

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Nina shows the full list of TestCase assertions, and mentions the external libraries that can be explored when the standard Python testing library falls short.


Transcript from the "TestCase Assertions & Testing Libraries" Lesson

>> Nina Zakharenko: On the course website, you will find,
>> Nina Zakharenko: A handy list of test case assertions here at the bottom, so equals, not equals, asserting true, asserting false. Using the standard library unit tests, it's fine for most projects, even of a reasonable size. But as your program go, as your code organization becomes more complex, you might want to consider a more advance alternate testing framework or test runner.

There is a third party tool called nose, and a third party testing frame work called pytest that are very popular. Those modules are compatible with unit tests, but they do things slightly differently. And once you feel like your unit tests are getting out of control, that's a good stopping point to do a little bit of experimentation.

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