Intermediate Python

Course Introduction

Intermediate Python

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Nina introduces what will be learned in the class, and looks at the final project that will be built.


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>> Nina Zakharenko: By coding along with me in this intermediate Python workshop, you're gonna learn how to use object oriented programming to organize your code. You're gonna learn how to diagnose problems in your Python programs by understanding exceptions, and even writing your own. We're gonna work with new features in Python3 that make Python easier than ever, such as f strings.

You are gonna learn a little bit about generators, a Python feature that allows you to loop over a large data sets in a memory efficient way. You are also going to learn about list comprehensions, dictionary comprehensions, and other advanced ways of looping in Python. Lastly, for the final exercise, you're gonna learn how to use an interactive API.

And build a web application efficiently using the Flask web framework to make a really cool site that lets us filter GitHub repositories for a particular language by their number of stars. Taking a peek at that final exercise, here we go, we can filter by languages, Submit. And our little web app is gonna hit the GitHub search API and come back with results.

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