Intermediate HTML & CSS

Styling Without Classes Exercise

Jen Kramer

Jen Kramer

Intermediate HTML & CSS

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Students are instructed to style a web page without using any CSS classes.


Transcript from the "Styling Without Classes Exercise" Lesson

>> Okay, well, I wanna give you a chance to apply these, so we are at chapter three, part number four. And we are looking at styling without classes and so once again, I have given you your starting mark up here for the Kaiju Cafe based on what I did for my markup.

You can use this one if you wish, or you can use the one that you created earlier. And what I'd like for you to do now, your challenge is I want you to style this page with no classes. Based on all of the selectors that you know so far, style it with no classes so you can add divs, you can add spans but you can't give them the classes.

And you probably don't need to change the markup otherwise other than maybe adding a couple of divs or spans. And then I want you to style it up as best you can, I've given you some suggestions here if you're looking for our color palette or some fonts. I've picked the Creepster font from Google Fonts which looks exactly as you would expect and if you wanna change those you're more than welcome to.

If you don't like my color palette feel free to change that but see what you can do about styling this page and never make use of a class.

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