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CSS Terminology

Jen Kramer

Jen Kramer

Intermediate HTML & CSS

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Jen spends a few minutes explaining some common CSS terms, including rules, selectors, and declaration blocks.


Transcript from the "CSS Terminology" Lesson

>> So one of the questions that people had here in the room were the some of the terminology behind CSS. So I thought we'd just take a look at a declaration here, actually technically a rule, and we'd go through some of these definitions. So one of these things here on the page just like this, this is called the CSS rule.

All of the bits and parts together, that is a rule. A rule is broken into two parts. One part is the selector. In this case, it's everything you see here in line 1, that's technically three different selectors, separated by commas in this particular case. You could have, of course, several of those.

They might be descendant selectors, they might be group selectors like this. There's all kinds of different possibilities. But anything outside of those curly brackets, those are selectors. Then you have inside of that between the curly brackets, this is called the declaration block. Each individual line is a declaration.

So color red, that's a declaration. Font family, Arial, Sans Serif, that's a declaration. And then the declarations are broken into two parts. One part is a property, that's the left side of the colon. The other part on the right side of the colon is a value [LAUGH]. We talk about property value pairs, they're everywhere.

So yes, those are properties and values. So those are the words that are normally talked about with CSS. So we'll talk a lot about selectors, that's the stuff outside of the curly brackets. Way less emphasis on what's inside of the curly brackets today. We're gonna talk about properties and values, lots and lots of properties and values.

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