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Content Sectioning Exercise

Jen Kramer

Jen Kramer

Intermediate HTML & CSS

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Students are instructed to section the provided HTML using semantic elements.


Transcript from the "Content Sectioning Exercise" Lesson

>> Fantastic, we're on to part two, your turn. So now your time to practice, I have given you, once again, the JavaScript window has got some cheat sheet here for your content sectioning pleasure. Don't worry about the CSS, all I want you to do is mark this up and mark it up as semantically as possible, don't worry about the styling.

Don't worry about the interactivity, and there are many right answers. It all depends on what you're trying to communicate. Yes, Mark?
>> I know you only have one h1 inside a page?
>> It depends on who you talk to. The SEO people will tell you, you can only have one h1 per page.

Generally speaking, the h1 is the site identity. If you talk to Google they'll tell you that sure you can have more than one h1, you might have one h1 for the site identity, you might have an h1 for an article for example. And in some cases you may even have an h1 in a section depending on what you're trying to communicate.

I think, the industry is coalescing around one h1 per page. But technically speaking, either will validate, and Google is fine with either of those. So you're gonna work on the Kaiju cafe here, and you just gotta do exactly just as I just did. I've had a few hints in here, I talked about the definition element, it might be one that you wanna look up, it might be one you could make use of.

You can read through here, we've got ours, we've got a menu, and we've got a quote, we have an address, we have a disclaimer down here at the bottom. So let's give you a 15 minutes or so to get through some of this anyway and try marking this up.

And I'll go through with you with what my answer is at that point in time

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