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Jason explains that front end development is getting more interesting with tools like Gatsby that allow developers to focus on the user experience, wraps up the course, and thanks the students.

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Transcript from the "Wrapping Up" Lesson

>> Jason Lengstorf: We're living in one of the most exciting times as frontend developers. Because at the very beginning., like in the days of Netscape and Internet Explorer. You were able to just open up a text file and write some HTML and you could put something on the Internet. And it was really, really approachable.

[00:00:15] You had things like GeoCities that allowed you to just get something up on the web. And then we wanted more power and we started to see this complexity creep in. JavaScript introduced a whole new level of just stuff you had to manage and things that got hard to do.

[00:00:30] And that resulted in this explosion of tooling, so jQuery kind of kicks off. Well, not really jQuery on its own, but a lot tools similar to jQuery kicked off this revolution. In the way that we managed JavaScript. And then those kinda gave way to bundlers Grunt and Gulp, moving on to Webpack and Parcel.

[00:00:49] Babbel unlocked this whole new workflow and the ecosystem started to expand outward. And now what we're starting to see is that the ecosystem is stabilizing enough that it's starting to contract again. And with something like Gatsby and with stuff like the JAMstack, what you're able to do is basically open up a browser.

[00:01:08] And I run Gatsby new and then I can just see it in the window. I can write some code and I can see it in the browser. And I can get it up in one command and see the thing that I built on the Web. So even with all of that complexity, we've started to hit a point.

[00:01:25] Where we get the ease of getting something online. Of just opening up a text file and writing some code and seeing it go live. But we get the power of all of these new tools, and the decades of additional work that's been done on the Web. To make it more powerful and more capable of doing these really incredible experiences.

[00:01:44] And beyond that the platform is just expanding to port so much. And we've got access the JiroScope and the phone. We got access to the camera and audio and light sensitivity. And all these really cool things that mean we can build really, really powerful stuff in our browsers.

[00:02:02] And we don't have to be hardcore, know-everything developers. We can really just focus on building a great experience and not worry about DevOps. Not worry about being a configuration expert for WebPack and Babbel. And I think it's a good time to be a frontend developer and I think that it's getting better all the time.

[00:02:24] So I'm really excited to see what y'all go out and build.