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Students are instructs the students to create a single column layout using tables.


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>> Rodriguez: I want you to take a stab at creating a single column layout. So you'll have that table overriding those properties, that browsers and email clients and by default, things like cells padding, cell spacing, the border. Create that single column layout by making that percentage based 100% wide container table, and then within that add that fixed width container for our purposes let's make it 600 pixels wide.

That's a good clean number for everybody. And then add some content inside of there. You can build this on top of the email you're already developing that has, hopefully, that logo, the headline, the here image, some copy and a button. So see if you can get that working inside of a table-based design, that ends up being 600 pixels wide.

And then try to think about that email, those table rows and table cells as components. Do stuff like put your logo in a single table row and table cell. Put your here image in a single table row table cell, so you can start building out that modular design for your campaign.

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