HTML Email Development, v2

Email Template Exercise

HTML Email Development, v2

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The students are instructed to open the starter file and add some content to it.


Transcript from the "Email Template Exercise" Lesson

>> Rodriguez: So I want you to open up that starter email, let me know if you want to look at that reset code again I added in there. But I want you to just take a stab at adding some content to that email document. I'll give you a hint that you should probably use a div as a container for all of your content.

And you can set some styles there if you want to, but just add a couple of headings. Add an image in there, and add some texts in there. Whatever you wanna add in there, it's placeholder's stuff use. Fill Murray for images, placeholders, something like that. And yeah, we'll take maybe 5 or 10 minutes and I'll let you guys start editing that content.

And then we'll look at how I might add some of that content and some of those got yous that you need to be aware of when you're actually coding emails.

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