HTML Email Development, v2

Checkbox Interactivity Example

HTML Email Development, v2

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Jason instructs the students to add three inputs, three labels, and three slides to an HTML email.


Transcript from the "Checkbox Interactivity Example" Lesson

>> Rodriguez: Go in to your email. You can start at the basic starter HTML document if you want. And add some interactivity to it. So you're gonna add those three inputs, those three labels, tie those together by referencing the ID of the input with that 4#P for your label.

And then start swapping out content that you associate with those different labels using that display property. If you wanna update other styles feel free, have at it. And just play around with the interactive example and see how that actually works. Play around with that mechanism. We'll take ten minutes and then we'll come back and kinda finish up the rest of the workshop by talking about some cool tools and resources to help you out on your email development journey.

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