Develop Robust APIs with Hapi.js

Develop Robust APIs with Hapi.js

Ryan Chenkie
2 hours, 46 minutes

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Node.js remains to be a very popular choice for building data APIs. While Express.js is a common framework choice when using Node, it does have some shortcomings which can lead to lengthy development cycles and hard-to-debug code. Hapi.js is an alternative that comes with a rich ecosystem of accompanying libraries and plugins. Like many other developers, you’ll probably find that building apps, APIs, and services with Hapi.js is practical, smooth, and sensible. Learn how to build a data API with Hapi.js from the ground up. You’ll learn everything from how to serve a basic API to how to use advanced Hapi.js features, including the ecosystem of libraries and plugins that it comes with.
Published: May 10, 2017

Table of Contents


Routes and Route Handlers

Routes Prerequisiites

Error Handling


HapiJS Plugins

Wrapping Up