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>> Nina Zakharenko: A little bit more about GitHub social coding. How many of you, show of hands, use GitHub day to day?
>> Nina Zakharenko: Okay, about half. For the rest of you, are your repositories hosted on Enterprise, like GitHub Enterprise, stored somewhere privately? Cool. If you use GitHub everyday, or even enterprise GitHub, you should really check out the list of shortcuts.

[00:00:33] And I'm gonna show you a quick demo of this. If i go to my advanced Git repository. If I'm here and I hit the Shift+/ or the question mark key on this page, it's gonna show me this pop-up, a.k.a the keyboard shortcuts. There's site wide shortcuts like go to your notifications, move selections, navigate within a repository.

[00:01:07] But if you show all, it’ll also show you some shortcuts for source code browsing. One that I use all the time and it seems like not a lot of people know about this feature, is T. What T does is it activates the File Finder. So, if I hit T here, it's gonna open this new interface.

[00:01:29] And I can just start typing and it will narrow down filter
>> Nina Zakharenko: And then you can hit Enter to select. Very cool, will save you a lot of time.