Getting Started with JavaScript, v2

Programming Primer Summary

Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson

You Don't Know JS
Getting Started with JavaScript, v2

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Kyle summarizes the programming primer section of the course, suggests resources for learning more about mentioned concepts, and discusses what will be covered in the course next.


Transcript from the "Programming Primer Summary" Lesson

>> Kyle Simpson: Now, that's our big kind of high level overview of the ideas behind programming, and I just wanna call you back to this is all the kinda stuff that we dig into in much more detail than just now in chapter one of the Up & Going book. So I strongly encourage you to kinda go through that chapter, after you've watched through this part of the course, go through that part of the chapter and just try out the different code.

Really, it's great for you to actually program along with it, instead of just reading, or just listening to me talk. You wanna actually go through and try out each of these things and get your brain really wrapped around these ideas of values and operations and things like arrays.

We need to figure out how to work with those, cuz you're gonna see those a lot in the rest of your program. So you wanna then be able to do loops and decisions and even make your own functions. So definitely check that stuff out, and then you'll be ready to move on to the next part of this course, where we're gonna dive into the deep principles, what I call the three deep pillars, principles, of the JavaScript language.

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