Getting Started with CSS


Jen Kramer

Jen Kramer

Getting Started with CSS

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Jen Kramer introduces the course by providing some brief personal background and discussing the goals to be achieved by the end of this course.


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>> Hey everyone, it's Jen Kramer, welcome to getting started with CSS here at Front End masters. And today we are gonna be building a two page website using only HTML and CSS. And it's going to be a portfolio site. Now, before I go get into all of that, in terms of prerequisites and what we're going to do today and our scheduled and so forth.

Let's just address what I just said. We're going to build a two page website using only HTML and CSS. Why on earth might we want to do this in 2021? And that would be a really great question to ask. There's lots of issues building websites with only HTML and CSS.

We have issues of maintainability of making changes across all of our individual static pages have efficiencies of code have all kinds of other things. You can come up with for objections. But I want you to think of this project in the following way. I'm sure many of you have been camping before.

You probably live in a very nice home or a very nice apartment. You have heat in air conditioning you have food in your refrigerator or you can call an order takeout. But yet, we still occasionally at least some of us like to go camping. Depriving ourselves of all of those modern conveniences to get out out into nature.

And enjoy a very basic style of living. That is the way I want you to think about this project today. If you build a website and only HTML and CSS, you are forced to concentrate on those particular skills. You can't rely on some framework to write the code for you.

You're not relying on some kind of versioning system or anything that runs on a command line or all of the other various complications. That we like to add to our modern web development. All of which might make perfect sense when you're building a site for production. But here today, we're gonna work on our HTML and our CSS skills.

And so we're gonna strip everything down to an absolute minimum. So that is the philosophy of what we are doing today. This course is going to be appropriate for beginning beginners. It's also probably pretty appropriate for a lot of junior developers who might not have gotten a lot of HTML and CSS training in your coding boot camp.

And I bet even a few of you senior developers will enjoy going back through this course reviewing some of the HTML and CSS concepts. That you might have forgotten over time.

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