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Jerome Hardaway walks through the course outline and talks about Vets Who Code which is an organization that helps veterans learn to code.

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Transcript from the "Introduction" Lesson

>> Hey everybody, how you guys doing? My name is Jerome Hardaway, I am the executive editor of etsuko. And I'm here today to talk about getting the first frontend job and basically how to get the employers to see and love your work. So before we get started, I'm going to go run through my table of contents and let you guys see some of the things we're gonna cover and a get a little deep dive introduction of me.

[00:00:26] We're gonna go over what I like to call the three users, technologies you need to know, how to build your resume. Then we're gonna to take a lunch break. After lunch, we're gonna be getting our GitHub employer ready. And then we're gonna look at how to build a portfolio that works.

[00:00:52] And then finally, macro to micro content, constantly pushing things out, that will get the attention of prospective employers, right? And then we're gonna have a summary and a light goodbye. Because of today, we've had some really crazy things go on and last week, we had Chadwick Boseman aka Black Panther, I just name as the business name.

[00:01:21] I don't know what his name was. He passed last week due to colon cancer. And I'm a big marvel fan, if you guys haven't don't know that. That's a pretty common thing on the web about me is that I love all things marvel. And I had this around.

[00:01:37] So I was, you know what? Today is as good as any day to have my giant black panther mask that I have never worn, I've worn once but because I'm a dork, I have this around the house and I'm 30. So, there you go. So now after that, let's go ahead and get into this, let's get alive.

[00:01:59] So who am I? Like I said, name's Jerome Hardaway. They call me Captain America of the web. And I get that name because I love all things Captain America. Hat right here, shields over there. It's three of them, I moved them so people didn't think I was too weird.

[00:02:16] I help veterans get jobs through my nonprofit Vets Who Code. Well I'm not working as a dev Rail at Quicken Loans where I'm focusing on tech evangelism and helping other people, other teams get better while also championing our culture to the outside world. I focus on teaching veterans everything I know about frontend, every mistake I've made about Front End, and helping them get jobs.

[00:02:43] Today, I've helped over 250, 255 to exact, of veterans get jobs in the tech sector, mostly in frontend. I have a few stragglers, once I've done a DevOps, and have done a UX. So rails and things like that, but frontend is where most of our veterans get jobs.

[00:03:06] And I've done this with minimal resources, minimal networking, just all focus on the skills, pay the bills and the tactics that we're gonna learn today.