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Getting a Front-End Developer Job Highlighting Experience Practice

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Jerome asks students to submit one experience item that includes the job, tools used, and impact of the work. Jerome then critiques a few of the submissions.

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Transcript from the "Highlighting Experience Practice" Lesson

>> Now, I wanna get to another exercise. It's based on the resume, but it's exercises only based on the experience. I want everyone to try to come up with one bullet of why I want their job. I want the description of the job. I want the tools you use in a job and I want the impact of what you did with the job.

[00:00:28] So job, what you did, how you did it with the tools, or impact. Or if you didn't have a job, job, what you did and how, and then try to pull the soft skills out of it. Give you ten minutes to try to pull either with a job that you've had before that isn't technical, pull the soft skills out of it, so we give feedback for that.

[00:00:51] Or a job that you had, or internship, volunteer work. Pick your poison and we'll work with it. So that way we'll get that experience up, so you guys can talk about it. Let me start working on this right now, let's see what you guys have. Tanae, all right, so you said you developed a scalable website for a content creation agency using web technologies like CSS.

[00:01:27] So you either used the technologies or like technology. So we're gonna say is I used the web technology CSS, Flexbox, PHP, and SaaS hosted. So we're gonna say from that, using web technologies, using PHP and AWS. The website is optimized for SEO, which helped the agency to get more clients around the globe.

[00:01:52] So that's your business impact. So what we're gonna say is I developed a scalable website for a content creation agency. Technologies I used, using LAMP stack with AWS, I was able to optimize the website for SEO, which helped the agency get more clientele. All right, Alan. Alan is Millie North America materials manager 2017, 2018.

[00:02:22] When I started, the shipments were difficult to locate and manual inventory accounts were made up of seven hours a week. I developed an application were HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to show the layout of the warehouse and details of all the shipments. It was accessible from any device and updated in real time.

[00:02:38] This reduced the time needed to do manual inventory counts just two, three hours per month. Yo, that is spot on. That is what I'm talking about right there. You've showcased what you did. You showcase that, guess what, even though this was a job that didn't really need it anything to do, I still developed something that was able to handle, like do the work for it, right?

[00:03:01] And you showed the time saved, because a company's business time is money, right? And you did that, that's perfect. Alan, if you're hearing this, good job, that was great. Air a round of applause for that guy. All right, Ronald, software engineer intern, Near app. Lead a team of four engineers and on a front end and collaborated with back end teams directly in application lifecycle process for a ride sharing app on iOS and Android with a focus on designing, coding, and debugging.

[00:03:41] Okay, so you're missing your impact on it, what did you learn? Cuz if you're doing this as an intern, so you could either as an intern, you'd have to focus on what did you learn or what was the impact for you, was it like leadership skills, collaborative skills?

[00:04:00] What was that? I'm not really seeing that. So I think that's the only place that needs to be improved is that we need to have the impact. How did it impact you? How did it impact the company? So you guys were working on another Uber, so that was cool.

[00:04:15] Even though, they stay in trouble. All right, Zoe. So we got business developer manager investment bank incorporated NDA. So I was a business development manager for an investment bank. So where I taught my customers to use our automated underwriting system to approve residential loans. I use my technical skills to teach my customers and at the same time use soft skills to build, expand, and maintain my customer base.

[00:04:53] So if you say you're growing your customer base, we already know if you're expanding your customer base, we already know this maintain we don't have to say maintaining because it's getting bigger, you have more people, so you have to do that. So you build and expanding your customer base, right?

[00:05:10] Done, right? Use your technical skills to teach your customers how to use this automated underwriting system. You have to say, was it remotely or was it you walk them through it hand hand? Or you had to be able to showcase that? That way it shows like I think what you're trying to convey there is that you had the aptitude and the communication skills to teach someone something that was difficult.

[00:05:40] That's what you're trying to convey there. And which I love, is just this needs a little bit of tweaking. So that's what needs to be there. Chad, yay. My goodness, Chad. Okay, stem hero, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2019 to present, full stack developer. Owner of freelance developer for independent software development company providing full stack development services for small businesses and nonprofits in the Twin Cities area.

[00:06:12] Okay, so you research developing tools to improve web applications that are accurate tools. Apply strong knowledge, JavaScript, HTML and frameworks, like Node.js to develop solutions. Collaborate with technical or client technical teams to support the development of products through the SDLC that's a acronym, like remember. I'm not gonna know that no one's gonna know that unless you work with that.

[00:06:35] Utilize knowledge of Agile and work on projects and test driven development cycles, develop test plans and develop schedules for achieving project objectives and deliverables. Formulate system scope and objectives to create and modify application, including all functional features, analyze, design, develop, and implement. Solutions and dashboards based upon requirements and roadmaps develop, update, technical documentation and cuts off.

[00:07:01] But what I've seen the biggest thing is there's no impact on any of these, it's not showing what is the benefit, what happened? There's a lot of stuff of like a lot of technical things, but what it's not saying is like this is how it impacted, right? When I said, hey, yo, I built a website that raise $10,000 in 27 hours for a fallen veteran.

[00:07:26] There was the impact of that. I built this thing, this is what the impact of it was, all right? So that's what you have to do, the impact matters to leadership to business people, right? They want to know what is the thing that did happen? What's the social impact?

[00:07:47] What's the business impact? What was the educational impact to you? What's professional impact for you? You have to show not just what you did, but also show the impact of it. Laura, regulatory liaison, June 2009 January 2013 authored reply comments to regulators explaining detailed data, trends changes and policies implemented department processes reduce response time.

[00:08:16] Over 16% in the first year, that's good, you are showing that you understand data and trends and you're also showing the business impact. So that's good, I'll give that an A. Ross's US Census numerator, learn to quickly connect with respondents, dealt with disagreeable and hostile situations calmly and professionally, recorded and protected information efficiently and accurately.

[00:08:51] Okay, so cuz I'm a veteran, I can definitely tell you this, no one likes we're hostile in your resume. [LAUGH] The easiest way to lighthouse allies eyebrow goes up is he's a hostile eye. I use hostile and one of my first resumes when I first came out of the military, no callbacks, I'm that walking meme of their life.

[00:09:16] So why don't you have a lot of things about your first job? You'd be like, you know what, I'm not gonna tell you because I kind of need this job. So that was me when I first came out. So I wanna say drop hostile, learn to quickly connect with respondents.

[00:09:31] I will try to reword this an idea of like, I can work well with others or I can help people connect. So I will say I learned to connect with respondents. And then I was able to, I'm not gonna say dealt with disagreeable, but it's not personal, it doesn't sound empathic.

[00:09:57] So I'm gonna say, Able to work professionally with people who might not have agreed with me on things, right? So it's something like that, I would workshop that more. But I'll make that nicer because you say that isn't like okay, that's probably, recorded and protected information officially accurately.

[00:10:24] So you're right there, you're trying to showcase a little bit of attention to detail. You need to focus on making this more of a story, one, and two, I would like to record it and protected information efficiently and accurately a little more. I just feel like I could just all this whole thing could be said better and how do I feel like you could really workshop this in a manner that makes it friendlier.

[00:10:55] Like I see what you're saying but it comes off as a little abrupt, so we have to soften that up. We would be like, okay, as a census enumerator, I focus on connecting with clients to get the information and secure it in a efficient manner. Yeah, so as a census enumerator I connected with respondents and securely and efficiently, securely, efficiently and accurately received the information needed.

[00:11:29] Oftentimes I worked through disagreements in order to have a positive outcome, something like that. And I'm really up here working hard, look. [LAUGH] Okay, just do the whole giggity thing as well as realize. [LAUGH] So let's look at, Okay, I have a mobile developer, I made a engaging UI heavy movie, discovery app or a start up on the iOS platform, the moon current application, swift UI, react and React Native.

[00:12:15] You're missing the impact on that one, so it was UI heavy, so what was the purpose one as it is the perf good is the light. What are you trying to tell me? What did you do? Well, are you saying that the impact is that you learn how to do something because you made a UI heavy?

[00:12:38] Excuse me meta UI heavy app, so now because of that you're able to move on to React Native, like I think that needs to be clarified a little bit more. But other than that, that's good. All right, so we got a Microsoft in here, okay? As a Microsoft we're producer contractor on the products office comm team I set up OneNote documentation for accessibility to bring consistent accessibility fixes across the website, using, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

[00:13:09] And this increase in happiness and disabled users and cut down on arguments among developers about the correct fixes. Yeah, anybody who can keep our developers from arguing over tech stuff is a hero. So we salute you cuz that's all we do. We love to argue about it every weekend we want to get a fight over tabs or spaces, or tabs or spaces or semi colons or none, can't maximum windows, it's nothing.

[00:13:37] But yeah all right, Matt, I'll definitely, yeah, that gets to pair so far or many of you guys did pretty good.