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Jerome wraps up the course with a few final questions about working with recruiters.


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>> Any thoughts on how Frontend engineers can best use their time to prepare for coding interviews? For example, should we prioritize projects, algorithms, or system design?
>> That's a difficult one cuz that depends on who the programmer is, right? If you're strong and algorithms you should shore up your part of the game that's united strong yet while also lean into the party game you are strong yet, right?

So first it's just like, yeah, MMA or something, you're very weak at grappling, you should probably be practicing your grappling while you're keeping the parts that you're strong at sharp. So, that's how I view it, at least.
>> I know a lot of what you've been talking about is in terms of self sufficiency, applying for the jobs yourself, putting the application in.

How do you feel about working with external recruiters, for example?
>> I don't want to work with external recruiters, I wanna work with internal recruiters, that's my goal. My goal is not to work with recruiters who are just, because I asked a friend of mine I was like, so what makes the qualification for external recruiter?

He's like a pulse, that's all they need like they're you. Usually called keys, they're usually collegiate athletes who have a degree and don't know where else to go so they end up in tech recruiting. That's all they need. They don't know anything about tech, they don't know the difference between Java and JavaScript.

So you're trusting your career with somebody who doesn't care about your career and it's just a game of luck for them. So after he said that I was like, okay, sounds like so how do we judge our recruiters like, when it comes to things and he was like beyond a certain external recruiters, try to focus on the internal ones or build a relationship, right?

You should always be building relationship with a recruiter that stuff first thing that I think a lot of people just go for a recruiter and like, hey, I just want whoever's gonna help me find a job. I know I want a recruiter to take the time to get to know me in and out.

So when he hears of a job, he's like I got a guy like that. I already know, I was like, we just had coffee like 2 days ago, we play putt putt together. What are you talking about? I know exactly who is perfect for that job. We talk about the job market all the time, right?

So, that's how I see it.
>> I had a recruiter with, I went to a conference and then talked to one guy who was like, hire up in the company. Then he hooked me up with this internal recruiter who I worked with, but they ended up feeling I didn't have enough experience.

But you seem to keep in touch and never know if that's kinda just a nice keep in touch kind of deal or
>> Less they tell you there is a nice keep in touch, keep in touch, everyone the worst thing they can say is no. And I know it's just gonna get you to the closer yes.

Instead of you wondering, shoulda, woulda, coulda, maybe now is the time I can talk to them? Is this the job that's gonna get away? No, keep in touch, reach out, hey, I've been practicing, I've been learning, I've gotten some new skills, I would love to talk to you all about what I've acquired over the last few months.

>> If you know they could also be having the position that's one level down that you are qualified for and might not get the job you wanted but they have something for you?
>> And we'll networking and the informational interviews I have seen on least two occasions where they will change the rick of a job for a person cuz they want the person so bad.

And like the person wasn't qualified for that level, so they lower the level of the job to make sure that they could have the person. So that is a thing that happens, I have seen it twice.
>> When is an appropriate time to two or three months kind of deal and then just check into.

>> 90 days I would say that, three months, 90 days. All right, so if you wanna reach out to me you can find me on, send me your resume, send me anything you need you want me to look at. If you wanna set up a one-on-one with me that's cool too, I'm very happy to have done this and congratulations everyone and let's go get paid.


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