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Jerome Hardaway begins the course with some background about how the current job market compares to the market from a couple of years ago. The course will cover the three users job applicants need to be prepared for, how to prepare content for a portfolio, and successful networking strategies for tech newbies.

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>> Hey, how you all doing today? I'm here, I'm excited, I literally came all the way from Atlanta for this. So this is my favorite course because, for me, this is the most life-changing work I get to do, is pass on information and help people get the jobs that they're earning and put the work in for it.

[00:00:16] I'm willing to help you flatten that curve for you so that you can get to your goals, right? Let me tell you all about me because I'm boring, but I'm busy at the same time, right? I wear many hats, software engineering, Microsoft, I write for a Stack Overflow and GitHub readme project.

[00:00:35] I teach for front end masters and Vets Who Code. I'm a startup CTO for a military startup called My Ruck. They just finished a $12 million valuation, so I'm working with him full time. I have three dogs and they all have different personalities and I have four kids and they're four boys and the dogs are boys.

[00:00:58] So I have seven boys in my house and I'm bald by choice but I'm sure if I let it grow all the way back, there'll be some gray's in there now. And my boys are ranging from 20 to 1.5. So yeah, my whiskey cabinet is full. So we're sitting to set the tone for this.

[00:01:22] This market that you're currently sitting in is very different from the market two years ago during the COVID boom, where you could interview the founders of Prestige Worldwide and still get a lucrative job. If you all don't remember the movie Step Brothers, it was pretty, they went in as a group in tuxedos to jobs that had nothing to do with.

[00:01:44] And in a group, you could literally interview like that two years ago and still end up getting the job. There are so many jobs around. It was like what is going on? Now today while the job our market is still good, the way that the jobs are being placed is different, right?

[00:02:01] So, you have the big tech companies shrinking, and those tech they've been shaking off the people from their orgs. And those people have been going into orgs outside of tech that are still lucrative tech jobs. And they are gonna be your managers, your senior devs, the people sitting next to you when you're on your first coding job, as well as part of that process of interviewing you, right?

[00:02:28] So now we have to focus more on how to get the job on top of all the new things with AI that have been implemented in HR over the last two to three years. We have to think about all these new components when we're getting into the job market, right?

[00:02:48] So it's not harder, it's just different, right? So there's no it'll be no great recession, that was hard. This is just different, the jobs are there, it's just the game has changed, that's it, right? So don't freak out but just we're gonna get there. We're gonna get the plants ready and we're gonna get started.

[00:03:07] Now I shared a repo in the chat, that also has three resources that we're gonna be talking about as well as the flow. And most of what I'm gonna be saying, I made sure I wrote it out, so that way you'll be able to keep up with me.

[00:03:23] So first without any further ado now, we've done one intro and set of the tone, let's go to what are we going to learn? We're going to learn about our three users, or we can use the term our three gatekeepers, right? These are the three obstacles that we have to learn how to adapt and overcome over, so that we can get our job.

[00:03:46] In order to prepare, we have to know what you're preparing for, right? A lot of people there you just start coding and you get a resume and just start interviewing. Well, who are you preparing an interview for, who are the three components that you're gonna have a navigating us to get to that offer letter, right?

[00:04:05] A lot of people don't think about that. That's what we're going to get into. Preparing our work. Here we're gonna talk about building your brand database and brag document, building a resume, and I'm providing templates for both of those. And your GitHub portfolios and networking for newbies, i.e, you all.

[00:04:27] We're gonna go over how to use GitHub to your advantage, as well review your portfolio for optimal success, and discuss networking for tech noobs, which is different, and it has evolved a lot as well. I have about three techniques that I've learned with my veterans and my military spouses that helps them turn people who they network and to allies, and those allies into sponsors.

[00:04:53] And next thing you know, sometimes those sponsors and to their manager, right? Which is now the natural evolution of networking, right? So those are the things that we are gonna go over.