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Jerome explains why a GitHub profile is essential to a developer's brand. GitHub showcases coding skills, collaborations, and contributions to open-source projects. Employers often review GitHub profiles to review technical abilities and quality of work.


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>> So as a developer, your GitHub profile is essential to, your professional brand, right? The harsh reality is that even a person that doesn't know anything about GitHub ie the user number two is gonna go there, right? And they're gonna judge you based upon the most arbitrary things on your GitHub.

Hey, guess what, I don't see a user image. Hey, I don't see a GitHub profile Read me. I don't see any pan projects. I don't see anything that showcases that you're native to this platform, right? And this person doesn't write code at all, right? The AI, ATS systems, the chat bots, the things that are gonna be checking, the links that are, the HRAI tools that check the links.

And then can actually pick up how many repos do you have and does this specialized repo exist and things like that. They're gonna judge you too, right? You're gonna get flagged for those things. So you have to pay special attention, as a programmer, we're told that the resume is the first thing if you're gonna build your build a opinion about you.

For me I can't get into finance like it's gonna be the third, the first thing that people tend to build opinion about you is your portfolio, I mean, is your GitHub profile. That's what I've seen like I myself, I build totally biased, I build it like I will formulate half of my opinion on a programmer based upon what I see on their GitHub, like immediately, right?

When applying for jobs and employers, they have reviewed GitHub talking about that. So let's look at what I view started with my own and then I move over to someone else's as a, at least a strong professional read profile, right? So this is my profile, this is my legit, this is me, who I am, that's my face right there.

Hi, I'm Jerome, Executive Director of Vets Who Code. I have a link here from my Versale project. It shows how many times people have looked at my profile. I've also been putting on another link from this, if you were to go here and look at the raw. I'm pulling these links in where I've attached them to my GitHub, so that way you can see these GitHub trophy versale app, put my username, as well as the label for my profile views.

Both of those are separate projects. And I'm pulling in the, connect it to my GitHub app, so that people can see now what I've done in these, right? So here I am, I have, hey, I jumped up, a lot of y'all looking, okay, no stress. Multi language, I guess there might be some like PHP still in there.

Followers, some hyper celebrity. I don't know what that means in GitHub land. [LAUGH] Repositories issues, pull requests, commits, reviews and stars. So this is all like the little trophies that they have out there on that API. I'm telling people what I'm currently what I'm working on, what I'm currently doing, currently recording Frontend masters, currently learning Azure AI services, AWS Amplify, Python.

I'm recording nothing next because I am gonna be potty training duty starting next week with my one year old. Always looking for help with Vets Who Code. The things that people have asked me about is Git, React Next JS, AI tools and getting a software engineering job which you all are here for it, yay, all right?

So connect with me, I tend to leave blank because 8 billion people will reach out to me in an 8 billion ways all the time, I have like 40 messages right now on LinkedIn alone because of this. So [LAUGH] I'm like, you'll figure out how to find me, I don't have to say this.

Languages and tools, these are languages and tools that I still use to this day, either teaching or at work. So that's why they're all on here. The only reason Ruby on Rails and SaaS on here is because I use it. PHP probably should get off there cuz I don't wanna get paid for it.

Postgres, MySQL, that's a great hardware tool that I've used for the lights at my house. So basically when the pandemic started I use if this and that and Node.js to make a project with Arduino, so that my lights would have a party mode that would attach to Spotify and our Philips Hughes, and they would just be like a disco on birthdays, because it couldn't go anywhere, we're all at home.

And it was a golfer to kids. Yes, sir?
>> Do you have any thoughts on using real photos versus, like Avatar [INAUDIBLE] Github??
>> Well, for my pro Gityhub profile, I have my actual face. I don't have opinions against it. I think it's weird unless it's a part of your personality.

Or maybe you have like a drawn version, cuz I've seen that and those are very cool. And I'm like, yo, that's awesome. I mean, I don't think people would think one thing or the other. It's just it's a part of your brand, right? Just don't, so yeah, I'm not against it, I mean, I prefer showing my real face on this this, especially GitHub, GitHub is not just for jobs, social, right?

You're building relationship on GitHub, your followers, the people you follow, GitHub discussions, GitHub issues, going into these open source projects. So it helps to know how that person looks like as they're talking to you, right? Or you're talking to them. Here, I have most used languages, which is Java.

So 9% of my projects, my code is PHP, so it is still there somewhere, I haven't gotten rid of all of it. Ruby on Rails, CSS, JavaScript and HTML. So I mean, maybe if I was using like those ratings that you all talking about and say how much of each language I have written, that would make sense.

But I wouldn't do that, just don't rate yourself on your performance on your own code on your resumes or your portfolios. My GitHub stats and my total contributions, that's all a part of the special profile special readme call your profile readme. So for mines is JeromeHardaway\JeromeHardaway. For yours, it will be the name of your GitHub name backslash your GitHub name, right?

So I go here, mine is JeromeHardaway\JeromeHardaway. So whatever your GitHub profile name is, that is your GitHub profile, the backslash of it again is gonna GoitHub profile. As you see, it lets you know that it is a special a special repository. It's one of two special repos that you can have that and the funding, YAML for if you're being sponsored for open source projects, things of that nature.

So I definitely recommend you look build that look into it. And they have generators out there as well, they can help you expedite building it out or you can build it out with JS old school HTML CSS, a little bit of JavaScript and Markdown.

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