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Getting a Software Engineering Job, v2 Error Handling, TypeScript, & Dark Mode

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Jerome completes the portfolio checklist with suggestions for incorporating error handling and dark mode into a portfolio website. TypeScript is also a valuable skill and one in which frontend engineers should have experience.

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Transcript from the "Error Handling, TypeScript, & Dark Mode" Lesson

>> Caching, we talked about caching earlier, but we never talked about caching at this level, like Memcached and Redis, this is caching your database versus caching your UI. That's what the browser does, and that's where we talk about CDNs, and minifying your CSS, and your JS. That form of caching, this form of caching is about caching your data, right?

[00:00:23] You're using Redis and caching to speed up application and reduce database load. These are very complex tools that I only recommend if you're gonna be using a complex backend databases, things of that nature, you don't have to, but if you use the database one. If you go and use MySQL and database, then you probably need to start focusing on caching as well on this level.

[00:00:49] Error handling, this is telemetry, is what it's called, the big word is telemetry, w observability is the family this belongs to, where we're looking at the errors and we're watching the logs and things of that nature. I think is a company that Bliss and Scott are always talking about that they love that handles a lot of this.

[00:01:17] I highly recommend that if you're gonna put something into the web, you need to know this. This is something that, especially as front ends, we don't really care about, we'd be like, that's cool. I just came here to push pixels and make things pretty on the web. No, you have to know how to fix things and make things logging.

[00:01:33] This one right here, use TypeScript. For me, this is mandatory if you're using any framework. And four years ago, I'd have been like, no, you can use JavaScript if you want to. Today, if you're using React, you need to be using TypeScript. And you're using Next.js, you need to using TypeScript.

[00:01:54] The harsh reality is when it comes to building enterprise applications or production-level applications in the real world, people are using TypeScript. So you need to be out there using TypeScript as well, right? And that's the only way you're going to show the employers that you understand the importance of their stack is by using things that they value, right?

[00:02:18] And types makes the code safer. So we are practicing a safety thing. I'm old school JavaScript, I grew up before types, so I didn't care about types cuz I was like, I know JavaScript, so that's not a problem with me. But types, it makes it better, types makes your product safer.

[00:02:40] And the last thing on this list is add dark mode. Adding dark mode is a normal small thing that helps showcase you understand the UI, UI theming, and how to change it based upon the user requirements, right? So the first phase of your dark mode is you wanna make sure that on the click, they can change dark mode.

[00:03:09] But you also need to make sure that it picks up the system settings, cuz guess what? If my systems are already set to dark mode, I don't wanna have to set everything else to dark mode, right? That is something you have to think about, right? So you might do that first.

[00:03:25] You can be like, all right, first system setting, I choose a light mode, dark mode, base point, I want the system set. Then, I create the button so that they can make the decision for themselves if they want something different, right? So, think of it like that, but that is my checklist.

[00:03:44] If you do these checklists this way, I mean, you will have a fighting chance out there.