Getting a Software Engineering Job, v2

APIs, Blogs, & Responsive Design

Jerome Hardaway

Jerome Hardaway

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Getting a Software Engineering Job, v2

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Jerome suggests leveraging an API in a portfolio. Incorporating a blog can also be a useful way to showcase technical communication skills. It is also crucial that a portfolio is viewable across all devices and screen sizes.


Transcript from the "APIs, Blogs, & Responsive Design" Lesson

>> This is a gotcha one, right here this use at least one API within the portfolio, usually has one API. When I'm saying this, I'm like your portfolio is a project, you want to showcase anything that people would think about as a JavaScript engineer, you wanna use that in your portfolio, and APIs is one.

It's very easy to just post your GitHub links, it's more impactful to use the GitHub API and bring your GitHub links and GitHub repels in, right, so that's what we're thinking about. What's the more, more impactful work, right? We can show our pin repos, we can also bring that pin work up via our GitHub API.

There are things that we can do with that API, Spotify API, show what you're listening to right now on Spotify. I don't do that because I was in hardcore rap, I don't want people thinking less than me. But I'm also, like I'm 36, so hardcore rap for me is like Ice Cube before he hit kids and stuff right [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE]

>> No, [LAUGH] one of my kids listen to that guy, and I am officially the discerning father just shaking their heads, saying you whipper-snappers don't know what real music is [LAUGH]. I'm there, I'm that guy, I'm sitting there, shirt tucked in, shaking my head [LAUGH]. Just looking at them judging their music like, you don't understand what real music is, all right, sure son, whatever.

>> Any tips for making our tracking GDP are compliant or is that something that the services we're using like Google Analytics will take care of.
>> Google has done a lot of work of making everything GDP are compliant, I do recommend you focus on GDPR compliance as well, thanks for your call-out on that.

Because that is how the GDPR compliance even though it is UK feel focus. It is very important everybody is adopting, this is the way, right, it's very Mandalorian on that. But yeah, so GDPR is very important when you're tracking, definitely highly recommend, but definitely keep that up, keep up those good questions.

So next one that we have, I think I've said this before, add a blog have I said that earlier but for me, I'm gonna say that again, it is a great supplement to your portfolio that showcases you know how to make it, so that your project is very focused on CRUD.

You understand theming as well, those are two things that I see and you understand storage and databases. So those are things that I'm automatically gonna know when I see you have a blog attached to your website, right?
>> So when you see a blog you mean something that's like self-hosted not using like medium or depth to-

>> Yes, that's what I mean.
>> All right?
>> I mean, on your portfolio is a standalone internal on their self-hosted. This should be a gimme, but I've seen enough people still not doing it, I put it on here, any way, music responsive design, make sure your portfolio looks great on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.

You might need to go bigger cuz you're technologists, because people who see me in tech as you see over there, the giant long desk, top monitors, we all have them. So you might wanna see how your website is, and how the things you build look on large monitors because that's, you know, you never know when someone's gonna put your product on the big screen, and you're like, my goodness, it looks so bad.

7000 bucks, 7000, [LAUGH] look, I've been there you'll find out, and also see how it looks on unusual products as well, right? How, if somebody's looking at your product from a watch face or something like, they can do that now? There's some watch faces that can show your website, and you're like, okay.

How does that look? That's gross, I don't wanna do that, or somebody decides they're gonna put it on a Tamagotchi. I've seen, I have a troop who figured out how to use Audrino, an Audrino and a Tamagotchi. And like, welcome to the internet, here we are, and I'm like, so that's how Betsuko looks pixelated, that's great, like, can you get off our website now?

So, please do that, I'll see how it looks everywhere.

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