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Jason concludes the course by summarizing skills learned, including page creation, linking between pages, blogging with MDX, image optimization, React hooks, GraphQL, use of 3rd party data, and bundle analysis.

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Transcript from the "Wrapping Up" Lesson

>> Jason Lengstorf: That is really kind of fast. I know we did a little bit of a speed run through a lot of these things, but that's everything that you should be required to know. And even some things that you shouldn't be required to know on how to get up and running with a Gatsby site.

[00:00:16] You're now able to kinda get a new site up and running, create some pages, link between them, how to get some styles in there and do both global and component level styles. You've got the very basics of GraphQL in Gatsby and a few different instances of using those in different ways.

[00:00:37] We set up a blog with MDX. We figured out how to use React components in our MDX files. Added a couple neat things like this hero box. Figured out how to optimize images, whether they're background images or regular images. And then we started using some some third party data to add some extra stuff to our site.

[00:01:02] And finally, we did some some basic analysis to the bundle, and got that thing up on the Internet. So does anybody have any questions before we call it a day? See one back there.
>> Speaker 2: Will there be an intermediate or advanced Gatsby workshop in the future?
>> Jason Lengstorf: I believe you have to ask Mark.

[00:01:21] [LAUGH] I would happlity do an intermediate and advanced Gatsby workshop.
>> Speaker 2: The answer would be awesome. You're welcome to come back. And everybody tweet @fronendmasters and @jason to make it happen.
>> Speaker 3: [LAUGH]
>> Jason Lengstorf: Yes.
>> Speaker 2: Thank you.