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Jason explains the logistics of using the course repo, which contains branches that can be checked out for each step of the course.

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Transcript from the "Code Repo Branches" Lesson

>> Jason Lengstorf: So this is kind of like our step0, the fundamentals. At this point, if you are lost and you wanna jump ahead, there's another branch that you can jump to which is, I should have pulled this up somewhere.
>> Jason Lengstorf: Let's see, So each of these is its own branch.

[00:00:24] We just did step0. If you wanna jump ahead, you can just check this branch, step0/pages-and-links, and that will get you to where we are now.
>> Jason Lengstorf: So our next goal is going to be to set up some styles. So we're gonna do the step1 now.