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Jason wraps up the course by providing some resources for continued learning about Gatsby and giving some encouraging words to go out, build, and publish something.


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>> So, what to do next? If you are excited, you're really looking forward to getting started with Gatsby you wanna go build something. There are a few things that you can do. First and foremost, we've got another course coming up. We're gonna do an intermediate gatsby course on Friday that's two days from now.

That will also be turned into a front end masters workshop course. So, if you wanna go deeper, come back, take the intermediate gatsby course. You can check out the docs gatsby is has a tone of doc's at, there is a full on tutorial, like a zero to up and running.

There are, lots of conceptual guides, on routing, on images, on data sourcing, on plugins, all the things that we talked about today. You go much deeper in the docs, and then they have API references for all of that. Now, the docs have started to sprawl a little bit, so it can be a little tricky, and you may have noticed me kinda googling around trying to find the thing that I was looking for.

So don't get discouraged if you have a little bit of trouble. There's a lot of information about gatsby in there. Keep googling, you'll find it I promise. You can also Just get out there and publish something. The best way to learn something is to get reps, use the tool, put it on the internet, get that thing live, just have an idea have a silly idea and put it up on the internet so that people can play.

Good example this like I wanted to make fun of my my coworker Phil Hawksworth. And so I bought a domain and like edited his head onto an animated GIF and then I just like put this together. Like I just wanted to make it a goofy thing to share.

I built this in probably 10 minutes and I put it on the internet because there's nothing more fun than hitting that Publish button. And being able to share a bad idea that you've had I also like built a little goofy thing. This is a gatsby site that just like lets you put anything, it breaks all the links so whenever you try to click a link on a page.

It uses the goose sound from the untitled goose game. This is another like bad idea project I built it in like an hour. And I just put it on the internet because it made me smile. So if you are trying to decide what you should build don't let a lack of a good idea stop you.

This was a terrible idea but it was still fun to publish, it was fun to put it out there. And playing as a means of learning is one of the best ways to make it stick and it's one of the best ways to lower the stakes. You wanna get out there and just try things, see what you can build, see what you can get done, put a time box on it.

How much can I get done in an hour? What can I publish in an hour? And then actually put it on the internet, share it with friends, show people your bad ideas, because then you get feedback. People will tell you what they like, what they wanted to see instead, they'll give you an idea for your next bad website.

And then you can just keep playing. And the more you play, the more you learn, the more you can do and the more likely you are to be able to accomplish whatever gets thrown at you and your normal work. So, I hope that that you all go out there and get excited.

Start playing with Gatsby and put some stuff out on the internet. Please, send me something on Twitter, if you have questions but I'd also love to see what you build. So if you're out there, if you're building stuff, tag me when you share it, I wanna see it, I wanna take a look.

That's it for me, I have had a blast today, I hope you've had a lot of fun. I hope you learned a lot and I hope you're excited to go out there and build something.

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