Functional-Light JavaScript, v2

Functional-Light JavaScript, v2

7 hours, 29 minutes CC

This course has been updated! We now recommend you take the Functional-Light JavaScript, v3 course.

Learn the fundamentals of functional programming in JavaScript in this (updated, version 2) of the course with Kyle Simpson -- Author of "You Don't Know JS" book series -- to write more flexible and effective code. Kyle covers the core of functional JavaScript with concepts like pure functions, .map() .reduce() .filter(), recursion and function composition. Plus go even deeper with advanced functional programming concepts like fusion, transducing and monads! This course is for experienced JavaScript developers who want to learn how to employ more trustworthy and verifiable code, plus enhance readability of that code.

This course and others like it are available as part of our Frontend Masters video subscription.

Published: August 14, 2017
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Table of Contents

Functional JavaScript v2

Functional Programming Introduction

Managing Function Inputs

Composing Functions



Partial Application


Data Structures

Data Structure Operations

Functional Programing Utility

Async Programming

Wrapping Up Functional JavaScript v2