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Transcript from the "Wrapping Up" Lesson

>> Jem: You have learned so much today. And honestly, I'm proud of you all for getting your website working. If nothing else, you have your website running, it's running on HV2, running on the latest things. You hopefully it now have a web socket connection so you can do some really powerful things with web sockets.

[00:00:17] But you've completed the journey, you've completed full stack. I can say at this point, are you a full stack engineer? Close enough for me.
>> Speaker 2: [LAUGH]
>> Jem: Nice job, everyone. And I think that'll wrap it up. Unless anybody has any final questions, thoughts, pearls of wisdom you'd like to share with me.

[00:00:37] Things you said, Jem is wrong. And I just didn't want to say it in class. But now we can say it.
>> Jem: All right cool. All right, thanks for listening.
>> Speaker 2: [APPLAUSE]