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Scott generates one last entry from ChatGPT to wrap up the course and encourages engineers to continue building, experimenting, and exploring new technologies.


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>> All right, well, we have reached the end. I guess the last thing we can do is just kinda wrap it up with our friend on ChatGPT, to see what he's talking about, to see how his day went. Wait, it's literally, the title is called Man's Unfortunate Day.

Is that what they called it? [LAUGH] My God. Okay, thanks. So well, [LAUGH] we're reaching the end here. Can you tell me how everything has been for you so far? New entry. Let's see. Reflecting upon the rollercoaster of the past few days. [LAUGH] Sense of gratitude and growth.

>> Today's triumphs brought a different kind of learning.
>> [LAUGH] As an AI, I don't have personal experiences, but in sharing and helping to process these humans' experiences, I've hopefully provided a useful, empathetic perspective. I love that. That's a great journey for this AI. I love to see it.

So, I guess with that, we will end here. The only thing I would say going forward is just please just make more stuff. I was talking to my friend who's currently learning to code right now. And it's taking him much longer than he anticipated because he's stuck in this loop where he only consumes and he doesn't make things.

You need to help the combination, right? You can't just consume things and not write code. Cuz it makes sense on paper when you read it and when you watch a video is like, wow, that makes sense. I get it, yep, moving on. But then when I ask you to do it, you can't, because that's the thing about writing code, it's a skill set.

It's not a fact in history that you can just remember the date of and recite it when you need to, it's like shooting a basketball. You can watch a video of Steph Curry shooting a basketball, you can go look at the science and the physics behind it all.

But until you go into the gym and shoot the basketball a million times, you're not even gonna be close to it. That's the same thing with writing code. So, just write more code. If you feel like, man, I don't know this, this is hard. Just write more code, eventually it'll come.

Through the pain, through the looking up the errors, through the scrubbing back through the videos and like, what did they do? Just doing all of that more and more and more, you will get better. So, that's just my only tip going forward, and that's just with any technology.

That's basically what I do to learn new things. And I've got to the point where I can learn a language in a day or two, cuz I just go in, I'm like, a new language function, function, function, function, a raise, a raise, a raise, loops, loops, loops, loops, loops.

And I just do it over and over and over again. So I'm like, all right, this feels good to me. I am 50% there, another week I'll be 80%, in a month it will be normal for me, all right? So just write more code, and then you'll be killing it.

So that's all I got. Thanks everybody for coming. Hopefully you learned a lot about Next.js. You gotta pick into my mind in how I build things, which can seem sporadic and random at times. Because I am, I am sporandic and random. But I always find a way somehow.

But hopefully this inspired you to go do some more things with Next.js, maybe even some AI things. I highly recommend checking out Link Chain. There's tonnes of content on YouTube that walks you through how to build agents and ingest things like PDFs, images, JSON files, and websites, and build some crazy stuff.

That's pretty much where I learned everything. I also have a very active Discord, so check out the Link Chain Discord. And yeah, looking forward to seeing what you all do. Hit me up on Twitter, it's the best place to hit me up if you wanna talk. Other than that, thanks for coming


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