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Scott Moss begins the course by demonstrating the project task management application that will be built with Next.js. The course website is shared, and a few key features of the latest version of Next.js are mentioned.

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>> How's it going everyone I'm Scott Moss and welcome to building a full stack app from scratch featuring Next.js v2. This is the second version of this course and the previous version we walked through how to use Next.js to build a full stack app from scratch and the subject of that app was Spotify.

[00:00:16] It was like a Spotify clone kind of walk through and build a music player. It definitely wasn't feature complete, but I think we covered enough to kind of give you the gist of how to build something in Next.js using all the tools that it provides for you. Now, we're back doing the same thing, but, because Next.js was updated to version 13, which uses React version 18, there's honestly like a ton of breaking changes, new features, all types of exciting things that we can take advantage of that I think, deserves its own course on how to build something fullstack so here we are and we're gonna do that again so I'm very excited to walk through that.

[00:00:54] This course is for anyone who has the desire or the want to build things in Next.js obviously cuz it's Next.js, React, or any type of full stack application. So if you have any experience using React or JavaScript or even things on the back end, you can do more stuff on the front end, this is for you.

[00:01:14] We did, or we do have an intro to Next.js v2, which covers all the main topics that we'll be actually using in this course. So some of the new features like client components, server components, The intro course goes in depth with that. So we will stop and talk about those things.

[00:01:33] But for more detailed explanation, check out that course if you want to do a deep dive but no worries if you haven't. I'll guide you along the way. And we're going to build something cool. So let's do it. So if you want you can follow along here. You're on the website full stack v2 instructions dot Purcell dot app.

[00:01:52] You don't have to, well, actually, for this one, I do have a lot of code in here that you're going to be able to copy and paste to keep up. But for the most part, it's mostly just for me to stay on track. Otherwise, I'll end up building a completely different app than what I intended on building.

[00:02:06] Thanks. So let me actually show you what we're gonna be building so you have some context. So in the last v1 course, we did build a Spotify clone, which was pretty cool, I think definitely rip the design straight from Spotify. This one I definitely struggled a lot trying to figure out what to build because there's some really cool apps out there.

[00:02:26] Some of the candidates were like. Twitter, because Twitter's, like, crazy right now. So it's like, let's just have everyone rebuilt Twitter. But it it got really complicated to really find the things that I wanted to get across and the things that I wanted to teach and also build something meaningful.

[00:02:40] So that got scrapped. And eventually I landed on creating this personal project management app. Because something I struggle with as a professional adult is just staying productive and organized and all the tasks that I need to do. And I've probably tried 20 of those apps over the last year and none of them ever helped me.

[00:02:59] Me so the engineering me is like, I'll just make my own and then I'll be more organized. So I decided to extend that creativity to this course where we're gonna to make our own project, task management app so we can stay organized as busy adults. So this is what it looks like.

[00:03:15] Here is the sign and page and you can sign in here so once you sign in you have like your projects, you have your tasks, things like that, and you'll be able to click on the projects. Go to tasks, create new tasks, things like that and just going to be focusing on using the latest Next.js so things like server components, client components where we can like load things in individually and stuff like that.

[00:03:40] So it's gonna be fun and it's not gonna be an app that's gonna be a hundred percent feature complete, that would take more than the time that this course is allotted for so I like to leave room at the end for you to extend that to do whatever you want for you can think of this app is going to be like a reference app for you to look back on and be like I remember how I did that or a playground where you can add new features and look at what you did on previous routes to Try to compare so that's what we're gonna be making today.

[00:04:13] And I designed it myself, not that it matters, but I designed that.