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Manipulating a file with Vim, Jem demonstrates common tasks available in command mode.

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Transcript from the "VIM command mode" Lesson

>> Jem: All right command mode, let's go back into VIM. So when I tap I, Haha, VIM is easy. Yeah sorry, thank you.
>> Jem: All right.
>> Jem: Okay, thank you. Thanks for reminding me. So, Insert mode. It says INSERT mode at the bottom of the screen. Hit ESC, or in command mode.

[00:00:28] So, let me just reference my slides. So in command mode, you can do file manipulations, things like that. So if I hit U. I can undo what I just typed, that's a useful command. And if I press CTRL+R, that's redo.
>> Jem: Undo, redo, undo, redo.
>> Jem: So if you wanna delete a line, dd is delete the line.

>> Jem: So, escape, dd, if I wanna undo that, just type U. The thing about command mode, it doesn't tell you you're in command mode. You just have to look at the bottom of the screen and see that I'm not in insert mode. Undo.
>> Jem: And again, vimgifs, fantastic site, will tell you exactly what you're doing.

[00:01:40] So Harris asked, if DNS a phone book, how will I be using it to find relevant numbers? Again, it's just a cache. It's just a giant, giant phone book. But I'm glad people are still thinking about DNS and everything cuz we're just gonna keep building on layers. So if you have any questions, just tell me to slow down and I'll jump back.

[00:02:01] Danielle said, I don't clear backspace. You can absolutely clear a backspace. That's when you're in Insert mode. So Insert, hello, and you can backspace. But once you get out of Insert mode. Backspace [NOISE], won't do anything anymore. Different modes, different commands. Think of them as contextual commands for different parts of the menu.

[00:02:23] But since I'm in command mode, some do.