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Talking about the importance of Internet security, Jem asks to be mindful of your internet practices as people are always trying to break into your server.

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Transcript from the "Security" Lesson

>> Jem Young: Security Terry. So this is Security Terry. Security Terry pops up when there's something that we should know about cuz we should always think about security. I'll hit this point over and over and over again today. People are always trying to break into your computer. It's just a fact of life.

[00:00:17] I guarantee right now that I have a server up and running for this class, someone is trying to break into it right now. It's probably an automated script or just someone with too much free time. So we always have to be mindful of security, we always have to be mindful of security.

[00:00:31] So-
>> Speaker 2: Little anecdote about that.
>> Jem Young: Yes.
>> Speaker 2: I threw up a WordPress sandbox site, just to play with, I threw like the first post up there. Five minutes, someone hit it with spam.
>> Jem Young: [LAUGH] It's just a fact of life now. You don't leave your front door unlocked do you?

[00:00:51] You don't leave your car unlocked. No, so we secure everything. And I will always be dropping in security hints the whole time because honestly you can't DDoS one. So DDoS is distributed denial of service. Essentially it means you take over a bunch of unsecured computers and you just slam one site with a bunch of traffic that they can't response to you.

[00:01:12] That's a DDoS, essentially takes it offline. And the way that happens is unsecured computers mainly, so that's why people like to break in on these computers. They have this thing, some sort of script that'll take over my computer it'll mine BitCoin or spam people or do whatever. And unfortunately it's people's bad security practices that are responsible for DDoS attacks, because let's face it a hacker's not gonna buy $7 million of Amazon servers to do something.

[00:01:39] No, they're going to take over free servers, computers like yours and mine.