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Jem talks about the basics of domains and how they relate to IP addresses.

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Transcript from the "Inroducing domains" Lesson

>> Jem Young: A domain, we all know what a domain is cuz you got here somehow. is a domain. A subdomain would be
>> Speaker 2: We have which is our beta player.
>> Jem Young: Ooo, but it's beta, so probably crap. I know Mark, he's late night coding. No, but this is a domain, so basic terminology.

[00:00:26] I know, some people are just like, this is so basic, but we gotta start at the beginning, this is a complete intro class. A sub domain like, or it could be, I don't think I have any other sub domains. But yeah, this is just basic terminology. So, this is my real doormat in my apartment.

[00:00:46] IP addresses, domains are just a high level wrapper on an IP address. But because we're humans we can't remember most IP addresses. There are certain core ones, is always home on your local machine. is always your local network, it could be And if someone's like, man, he's so smart.

[00:01:10] No, I've typed these things, cuz my router goes down all the time, so I know all these IP addresses. But a domain is just a wrapper on top of an IP address. And how that gets resolved is something called DNS.