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In this exercise, students work on installing Nginx on your new server. Then Jem shows how to install Nginx on the new server.

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Transcript from the "Exercise 13: Nginx" Lesson

>> Jem Young: So first let's install Nginx. So, now we are not root so we have to sudo of all our installs. So sudo apt-get install nginx. This is on your server again, not on your main machine, on your server.
>> Jem Young: So I'm going go ahead and do that, on mine.

[00:00:18] So, sudo, whoops, clear.
>> Jem Young: Nginx.
>> Jem Young: And I'll just hit Enter for yes.
>> Jem Young: [LAUGH] All right.
>> Speaker 2: [INAUDIBLE]
>> Jem Young: That was pretty painless, hopefully that works. Didn't work if you had some sort of network error, you can get install again and it'll run. So next let's go ahead and start up nginx.

[00:01:10] So say sudo service nginx start, and we're started, that was it there's really no output, nothing, no fireworks. So now, let's see if's resolving correctly. Still not resolving. It's taking so long.
>> Speaker 3: When I go to it it says it was bought by Namecheap.
>> Jem Young: [SOUND] [INAUDIBLE]

>> Speaker 3: The domain is registered at Namecheap, so it looks like you have it. I don't know why yours says 400 Bad Request.
>> Jem Young: The default nginx state should look something like-
>> Speaker 2: It works.
>> Speaker 3: [LAUGH]
>> Speaker 4: Yeah, I got the default nginx page.
>> Jem Young: Yeah, you should have something [CROSSTALK]

>> Speaker 4: They changed that. Let's try this.
>> Jem Young: So this looks like it's just not resolving correctly.
>> Speaker 4: Just try refreshing it again cuz I got the right nginx page when I went to it. That's weird.
>> Jem Young: I'm just gonna try my IP just to make sure that. See, yeah, so it's just not resolving correctly.

[00:02:11] I've just gotta give it more time. And don't forget, on Namecheap when you change the records, make sure you hit Save. Otherwise you didn't save anything, you just typed stuff into a field. So until this resolves, no big deal. I'll just use my IP address for now. So this is the page you should all see if nginx installed and is running correctly.

[00:02:31] Just give me kind of a thumbs if it works. Excellence, excellent. Now we are officially responding to requests across the Internet on our sever., that's a good one.
>> Jem Young: Okay, and again just in case the DNS has not propagated correctly, just type your IP address and you'll see the Nginx start page.