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Jem covers ping, a network tool for testing if a domain name is reachable. Then going through several domains, Jem demonstrates how to use ping command and read the results.

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Transcript from the "Exercise 1: Ping" Lesson

>> Jem Young: First exercise. Yes, we're here already. Let's do a ping command. Ping is super useful for just telling you, is my website up? Because if DNS goes out, you're thinking, man, my websites down cuz my DNS isn't resolving. isn't resolving to a server, that doesn't mean your server's down.

[00:00:19] It could be that DNS is down. So Ping is a good way of telling you, is my server still up and running, without actually logging into it. So, in your command line, go ahead and fire up, just type ping, anything you want. Some of these exercises, I'll be joining in, but some of these are pretty straightforward, so I'm not gonna exit it out and break the flow.

[00:00:43] But, just go ahead and ping, ping wherever you want. Ping Netflix, Google, Frontend Masters. All right? You should get something like that. Depending on where you are in the world, the IP address is gonna be a little different. But, go and ping and see what happens.
>> Speaker 2: It's timeout.

>> Jem Young: Exactly yes because I do not respond to pings. I don't need to because why should I? So [LAUGH] It's my server, I could do what I want. All right, so it's important to note that yes, you don't actually have to respond to the ping. It's just a different protocol, a port that's opened on your server.

[00:01:21] But it's a good way of telling you if your server's up. I don't use it because honestly I don' t care if my server's up. [LAUGH] It sounds so mean to say but it goes down sometimes and I don't even know it for days. But ping is an extremely useful command and this is just the basic, basic level.

[00:01:37] If you wanna impress your friends, just open this full screen and like ping, and let it run in the background and they'll think you're a cool hacker and all sorts of things. I used to do that in school, just back in high school. They'd be like what are you doing.

[00:01:48] I'm like Internet stuff.
>> Speaker 2: [LAUGH]