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Talking about how IP address maps to domain names, Jem reviews the importance of DNS.

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Transcript from the "DNS" Lesson

>> Jem: So, IP address, stands for internet protocol. It's just the type of protocol that people agreed on years ago to say, here's how I wanna communicate with other networks, and there are lots of different protocols, but we use something called, TCP/IP, let me switch. TCP is transmission control protocol, we're not gonna cover that because that is a totally different class.

[00:00:25] That's networking 101, but just know that when someone says TCP/IP, that's a system that the internet uses to communicate, one of many. And it maps IP, we're using, it takes IP addresses, which we all learned, and it maps them to domains. So think of DNS as the internet phone book.

[00:00:45] If you to, you're actually going to 23.23. I don't even know my own IP address, that's why we use domains. So remember like two weeks ago when the internet broke, the internet went out? What happened?
>> Speaker 2: Wouldn't, all the major companies got hacked, right? There was a, was it a DDoS?

>> Jem: It was some sort of DDoS.
>> Speaker 2: [CROSSTALK] hack where they hacked all the major companies, like Google. All the major, like Amazon or whatnot, that so one could do the online- They actually hacked the DNS provider.
>> Speaker 3: Which basically shut down everybody from looking up any address.

>> Jem: Exactly right. And this is one of the weak points of the internet is that as humans we can't remember what these IP addresses are. I don't even remember my own IP address from my own server I've had for years. So DNS is just kind of a friendly way of resolving domain names, IP addresses.

[00:01:40] So when that hack happened actually, it wasn't an attack on individual companies and it was only an attack on one company, I believe in Massachusetts or main. And it took the DNS offline which broke the internet but it didn't, it just meant that we can type in domain gets resolved anymore.

[00:01:54] So that's a failing of DNS and it's something to be aware of. But don't worry, it's probably not gonna happen to your website. And there's caches and all sorts of different mechanisms to prevent that. But we see the internet's so fragile, it's a lot of different parts, that if one gear breaks, the whole thing breaks.

[00:02:13] But anyway, sorry, that was a total tangent, but yes, DNS, Domain Name System. Internet phone book, that's all you need to remember, internet phone book. So now I know, 23.185. Yeah, so now, I know. I am just beating this into you. I know, because this is the beginning, this is the intro on how the Internet works.