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Full Stack for Front End Engineers Deploying Code & Introducing Gulp


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Jem introduces the concept of deploying code by setting up Gulp and a deploy system. Then Jem talks about Gulp. A JavaScript task runner, Gulp is used to streamline the build systems in front-end web development.

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Transcript from the "Deploying Code & Introducing Gulp" Lesson

>> Jem Young: At this point you should be, everything is hooked up to your node server. But the problem is every time we wanna do something on the command line, we have to CRL+C, do whatever we wanna do then restart our node server, that's a pain. So we can do a better way to do this.

[00:00:14] We're gonna build an entire deploy system that is a one-click deploy, or one click, one-button press, as in enter. And [LAUGH] it automatically deploys and restarts your node application for you, which is pretty cool. But first, we're gonna start with Gulp. So how do we build and deploy our application?

[00:00:32] We've gone through all this unfamiliar territory. And now we're in territory that we should all be a little more familiar with. We're in JavaScript land, HTML, CSS, good times. So what we're gonna use is we're gonna use Gulp. Gulp is a task runner, it's more like a streaming task builder, but we can call it a task runner for now.

[00:00:52] There's also Grunts, Broccoli, Brunch, Jake, I'm sure there's more that are being invented everyday. But we're gonna use Gulp because Gulps just JavaScript and it's pretty straightforward to use. We use it at Netflix pretty heavily. I'm more of a MPM script type of person over at Gulp, but to each their own.

[00:01:11] We're gonna do some MPM scripting a little bit later, it's the last thing we're gonna do today. But we're getting at the home stretch. We've got everything hooked up.