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Jem clones a repository from GitHub onto his new server.

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Transcript from the "Cloning a Git repository" Lesson

>> Jem: So now let's clone a repo I made, it's called Dev-Ops-for-Frontend, I changed the name at the last minute because full stack of front end's kind of more appropriate. But it's
>> Speaker 2: You got to be, your username's literally young?
>> Jem: Yeah.
>> Speaker 2: That's cool.
>> Jem: Let me see, let me just.

[00:00:19] Paste this in the chat too, so everybody doesn't have to copy paste this.
>> Speaker 3: I just pasted it in there.
>> Jem: Thank you.
>> Speaker 3: Yep.
>> Jem: So when you git clone, make sure you're in this directory. And again pwd will tell you which directory you're in. Of course, you can always see up here so, I'm just gonna run this command.

>> Speaker 4: If you wanted to send something directly from our computer to this server, is there a easy way to do that? Or is it easier just to upload to GitHub and then clone it, or.
>> Jem: There are many, many ways of transferring files. There's FTP, SFTP SCP.
>> Speaker 5: [CROSSTALK] Can't you just get an SSH client too, and just SSH and drag files over to it.

>> Speaker 6: Or is that an FTP type thing?
>> Speaker 5: SCP is basically SSH copy.
>> Speaker 6: Okay.
>> Jem: Wait, wait, I think, I might have a useless blog post on this
>> Speaker 5: [LAUGH]
>> Jem: Because this, I generally make a blog first and I'm trying to remember something. I might have one.

>> Jem: I think one of my first ones and, yes. Three years ago, SCP, simple file transfer from a remote server. Yeah, SCP is useful. There are many many ways of pulling down a file. You can also curl. You can wget. There are not infinite, but there are dozens of ways to transfer a file.

[00:01:51] But we're using wget just because it's easy. We're all familiar. And wget clone sets up things really nicely for us. But here's the blog post if you're curious about how to transfer more. Like, heavier weight files.