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To make our server easier to find on the web, an IP address should point to a domain name. Jem first illustrates how to purchase a domain name.

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Transcript from the "Buying a domain" Lesson

>> Jem Young: Now, let's buy a domain. So, we have our server. It's not really doing much right now, but we're able to login as a non-root user. So, let's buy a domain and let's hook it all up together. So, I like I'm not sponsored by namecheap. I don't have any referral codes, once again.

[00:00:15] I really should get on this. You are free to use any domain that you currently own, if you already own a few. Most people own. Domains, it's what we do. That's a funny domain, let's buy it. I own a few,, you can go there on your phone sometime, it's pretty fun.

[00:00:32] So, I like Name Cheap just cuz I know where everything is, that's what I use for all my domains. But, you are again free to do whatever you want, and if you own a domain use that
>> Jem Young: So, I'm gonna login to namecheap,
>> Jem Young: And it's gonna two factor me.

>> Jem Young: Yeah, always turn on two factor on your domains. People, domains are worth money, it's real estate in the land of the Internet. And domain hijacking is a very real thing where people take over your domain and then sell it to somebody else before you even knew what happened.

>> Speaker 2: Always add two factor auth to everything.
>> Speaker 2: Your Google accounts, your GitHub. It always surprised me when I log into GitHub and I see a bunch of people are on a project with me, and they don't have two factor aut, it's like, what are you doing?
>> Jem Young: Exactly, that's good life advice.

[00:01:31] Two-factor everything, it's a hassle, but just do it. It's a bigger hassle to get hacked and lose all your all your things. So, I'm gonna go to the my domain list. After you purchase your domain, I'll give you time to run through the steps if you don't have a domain yet.

[00:01:44] And yeah, these are all domains I own., I don't think that's pointed at anything, so I'm gonna use that domain.
>> Jem Young: And I'm gonna go to the advanced DNS tab
>> Jem Young: [LAUGH] Mark with a referral again on it.
>> Speaker 3: Yeah but, the only thing I don't think he gives you anything, so I'm not sure it's really worth, I thought maybe it'd be a free, I don't think he'd get anything for using it so it's probably not as big a deal.

>> Jem Young: That's-
>> Speaker 2: You only help Marco. You don't help yourself out.
>> Jem Young: So, I'll slow down a minute, cuz I'll give everybody a chance to catch up. I'll put the slides back, but we're gonna jump back to this particular screen in a second.
>> Speaker 4: I have a question about the root again.

>> Jem Young: Yes.
>> Speaker 4: So, if I try to log in to the root, just to test it, it asks for a password, is that just a fake password nothing there? Is there an actual password for root now?
>> Jem Young: No password, it's a fake. It's a good way of not giving away too much on your sever.

[00:02:51] You don't want people to know that root's disabled so they can keep banging away at root all day and it won't get you anywhere, you can't log in as root anymore. But great question.
>> Jem Young: So everybody, let's take a minute or two. If you have a domain already set up, perfect.

[00:03:10] What we're gonna do is we're gonna point your domain to your server at this point. So, you can use GoDaddy.
>> Speaker 2: Okay now we need to know what domain you bought, you have to paste it in the chat. We want to see-
>> Jem Young: I already showed it, I bought really-

>> Speaker 2: I thought everybody was gonna buy their own domains.
>> Jem Young: Yeah yeah, everybody buy your own domain, and-
>> Speaker 2: Yeah so buy your own domain, and paste [LAUGH] your domain into chat. Okay maybe when we get it running, right?
>> Jem Young: Let's, I like cuz I think that .xyz domains are pretty cheap.

[00:03:45] Let's see what they're going for these days. Registration-
>> Speaker 2: I just want to see what names people came up with.
>> Jem Young: [INAUDIBLE] see what's available.
>> Speaker 2: Maybe some people are ashamed.
>> Jem Young: [LAUGH]
>> Jem Young: Yeah so these are all 88 cents, this is the entire year. So, if you want a real domain, you could buy a dotcom, they tend to be a bit more expensive.

[00:04:14] But if you just want a test domain, I think this is about as cheap as you can get I think there's too many top-level domains, honestly. Do we really need .win as a?
>> Speaker 2: [LAUGH] Yeah, .win.
>> Jem Young:
>> Group: [LAUGH]
>> Jem Young: I don't need it. I could buy all these is all.

>> Speaker 2: [LAUGH] You know you want
>> Jem Young: I do.
>> Group: [LAUGH]
>> Speaker 2: [LAUGH] I can see it in your face.
>> Jem Young: I wonder if we can buy-
>> Speaker 2: We're only one dollar.
>> Jem Young: If is available, I want to buy that.
>> Speaker 2: [LAUGH]
>> Jem Young: The problem is there's entire investors that just go with bots that buy up good domains.

[00:05:00] Someone bought all these already.
>> Speaker 6: $65,000 each.
>> Jem Young: Yeah, it's a real business of just buying.
>> Speaker 2: Did someone buy
>> Jem Young: Let me see.
>> Speaker 7: It hasn't shown up yet.
>> Jem Young:,, Yeah,
>> Group: [APPLAUSE] It's available, 88 cents.
>> Speaker 2:
>> Jem Young: Okay, I'm doing this.

>> Speaker 3: Uh-oh, I gotta go get Mark.
>> Jem Young: $1.06 for the year, that's not bad. I'll use whois guard, that's always useful. Whois guard just, if you do a whois on a domain it tells you who the owner is. And whois guard just protects you and your personal address.

[00:05:39] Cuz, legally, you're supposed to put your address in for a domain. But, obviously, most people don't. And whois guard is just a good way of keeping spammers from emailing you. So, I recommend who is guard, it's free for the first year on namecheap. And
>> Speaker 2: Does that mean that's gonna auto renew at 26 bucks?

>> Jem Young: It's $2 a year.
>> Speaker 2: Is it $2 a year?
>> Jem Young: Yeah.
>> Speaker 2: No, no I mean the domain [INAUDIBLE]
>> Jem Young: This one yeah. Let me turn off auto renew, good point. It'll email you before it auto renews but I don't think I'll need
>> Speaker 2: It's amazing how much money people throw down for some of these domains.

>> Jem Young: Think about the first person to buy, I don't know,, in the early, early days.
>> Speaker 2: Yeah, yeah.
>> Jem Young: Or the good names.
>> Speaker 2: Well, I've seen even some domains like top level domains going for like 160 million.
>> Jem Young: Yeah.
>> Speaker 2: Just like and somebody's been sitting on it for 10 years and it's 160 million, sure.

>> Jem Young: Netflix bought I don't know how much we paid but I'm sure it was a lot. I mean cuz that's a great domain name.
>> Speaker 2: Yeah, I use that all the time.
>> Jem Young: I use as well just in case you,
>> Jem Young: Yeah
>> Jem Young: Nice.
>> Jem Young: Mark wasn't lying, this is a good Internet connection.

[00:07:01] Okay, so, so right now if I go to, this is awesome.
>> Group: [LAUGH]
>> Jem Young: It's just gonna be central link. See this is ISPs injecting their own things in there.
>> Speaker 6: Wasn't it, or did you change it?
>> Jem Young: I think it was just
>> Speaker 2: No, he got

>> Speaker 6: Okay. All right, yeah.
>> Jem Young: Yeah it should be-
>> Speaker 6: We're good.
>> Jem Young: But I think this is the ISP injecting their own-
>> Speaker 2: Yeah, so what you do when you set up your laptop, you set up your DMS to 0.20. I forget, what's the service?

>> Speaker 3: Google?
>> Speaker 2: Google DNS?
>> Jem Young: Yeah, Google's
>> Speaker 2: Yeah, I just always remember that one.
>> Jem Young: But because I think, just because I just bought this. This domain doesn't resolve to anything. Because remember, we talked about it takes awhile, all these servers around the world have to sync up.

[00:07:49] So right now, is syncing up to So, it could take a few minutes. It could take longer, that's why we're doing this stuff now.
>> Speaker 8: He said give it 48 hours usually, but it's usually up in like ten minutes.
>> Jem Young: Yeah, I've seen it take anywhere from a few minutes up to a day or two.

[00:08:10] So right now, okay, so everybody here, you don't necessarily have to use namecheap. But, whatever hosting provider you're using for your domain, you should have some sort of way to adjust the DNS Is everybody sorta, everybody in the room with me? Domain