Firebase + React: Real-time, Serverless Web Apps

Firebase + React: Real-time, Serverless Web Apps

5 hours, 26 minutes

This course has been updated! We now recommend you take the Firebase Fundamentals course.

Use the Firebase platform to deploy sophisticated web and mobile apps without having to build your own complex, server-side infrastructure. Get setup and learn to update React components in real time. Deploy your app, add OAuth authentication and activate database security rules. Plus, store media files in Firebase Storage and use Cloud Functions with Server Workers to set up notifications with Firebase Cloud Messaging. This course is a must for any React and Redux users who want to integrate with Firebase’s cloud-hosted NoSQL database platform to create robust web and mobile applications!

This course and others like it are available as part of our Frontend Masters video subscription.

Published: March 31, 2017
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Table of Contents

Firebase + React

Getting a Firebase + React Up and Running

Growing the Database

Lunch Application


Cloud Storage

Chat Application

Cloud Functions

Wrapping Up