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Steve explains the pitfalls of the current design, and how that can be solved with user documents.

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Transcript from the "User Documents" Lesson

>> Steve Kinney: So we're gonna set up some email authentication. And I'm mostly doing that to show you basically the differences, right? You can imagine for email authentication, you're not gonna get a free photo URL that they use as their Google profile, right? You're not gonna get a display name, you're gonna get an email address, and a UID, right?

[00:00:19] And so this is a great place where if we had these documents, we can, okay, if they log in from Google, sure, start out with that picture and that display name. Otherwise, we'll eventually build this user document that the user can then go ahead and upload their own photo.

[00:00:33] And change their display name, and stuff along those lines. So we can kinda see both. Yeah, this is more work than just using one of the auth ones we get for free. But I think it at least, highlights the difference. You might choose not to do email authentication.

[00:00:46] There's also like, phone authentication, too, right? Which is a different can of worms. You might choose not to do this, but I think showing you the differences, I think, is useful important so you can kind of make that choice.