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Steve demonstrates how the data is being read from the user profile as opposed to the auth object.

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Transcript from the "Modifying User Profiles" Lesson

>> Steve Kinney: This has some problems that we're going to need to deal with in a second which is, how many times does this fire?
>> Steve Kinney: Once, so we'll probably need to refactor this in a little bit. But we'll burn that bridge when we get to it. Let's go ahead and cancel out of this user

>> Steve Kinney: I have to await it.
>> Steve Kinney: So now you can see it fills in the display name. Everything is on those lines. Eventually we're going to implement a user profile editing page which is not gonna update this automatically, right? Cuz we're only getting it. What we're eventually gonna wanna do is we're also gonna want to subscribe to all the changes to this document as well, right?

[00:00:55] But we do have the ability. So now go in to our database.
>> Steve Kinney: Look at that, we've got users. And there is our one user and so far this makes sense. There is a created update, there is display name, there is an email. We can go ahead and we can change stuff about the user, right?

[00:01:15] So the one that we got from Google Sign In and stuff along those lines, we couldn't change. We're always getting that from Google Sign In. Let's actually take one from Google Sign In cuz I think it'll be a little more interesting. So I'll sign in with Google.
>> Steve Kinney: I have a second user that got created when that user logged in.

[00:01:38] And let's go change my name.
>> Steve Kinney: Go ahead and refresh. And so now it is reading from that user profile instead of that. So that we can add all sorts of data onto this object now. We can put anything from the things that they favorited to any kind of metadata that we want, right?

[00:02:01] And these user documents are generated for us on the fly as users sign up for application or that they log in, right? So we're kinda dynamically doing this now.