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Steve demonstrates how to run a cloud function on a local machine, rather than Google's.

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Transcript from the "Local Cloud Functions" Lesson

>> Steve Kinney: You can run them locally, too. The local ones only work for the HTTP ones. Let's give that a shot. So we'll do firebase serve, think doing some memory.
>> Steve Kinney: So this is a series of lies, right here. Because we're clearly running no date. But it's tell me that you're running nine and they're running six.

[00:00:30] [LAUGH] Yeah, I can use something like MVM. And so here, these are now local endpoints that I can use, so,
>> Steve Kinney: Same basic idea. It's still hooked up the same Firestore, it's not a local Firestore. It's running on my computer rather than Google's computers, right? So the HTTPS ones, you can test them locally, and that's great.

[00:00:55] Here's the Hello World one, so on and so forth. So this is server-side code that we can deploy that can hook into our entire Firebase infrastructure.