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Steve demonstrates how easy it is to configure the OAuth with the Firebase console.

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Transcript from the "Configuring OAuth" Lesson

>> Steve Kinney: So firing up authentication in Firebase is suspiciously easy. We've got this Authentication tab over here, and we can go ahead and pick Set up a sign-in method. And you have a bunch of options here. You have email and password, you have phone, Google, Google Play Store, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub.

[00:00:27] The Facebook, Twitter, and GitHub ones you need API keys for Facebook, Twitter, or GitHub, seems legit. The Google one you don't because you are in Firebase which is on the Google. Email and password, you don't as well. I'm gonna start with Google one since I can assume that if we can log in the Firebase console, we have a Google account, cuz that feels like a safe bet.

[00:00:52] So who here has ever tried to implement oauth either using passport on Rails, using what is a device. How much fun was that?
>> Speaker 2: Not very.
>> Steve Kinney: Not very much fun, no, it wasn't fun. You wanna see what's gonna make you both happy and sad at the same time?

[00:01:08] I'm about to implement oauth. You ready? Enable > Save. I gotta put my email address in.
>> Steve Kinney: Save. I have oauth set up.
>> Steve Kinney: If I wanna do email and password as well, I go here, I hit the little, just hit this Enable right here, and I'll save it.

[00:01:42] And I've got email and password authentication set up as well, in place. Cool, so these are both there. Now, we'll probably wanna keep track of the user. We're gonna find some fun stuff out together, as we figure out if that rate limit for the real time database also is counting right now as well.

[00:02:03] If not, I'll just make a new API key and I will keep it to myself.