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Transcript from the "Code Tour" Lesson

>> Steve Kinney: So I have an application,
>> Steve Kinney: Called Think Piece, that's linked to in the notes and in the workshop. And Think Piece will eventually be a live blogging platform for all of your hottest takes, and stuff along those lines. And we can fire it up with npm start.

>> Steve Kinney: Give that one second to fire up. And right at this moment, it is a very plain create-react-app application there. We're gonna take a look at the code in a second, but there's not really a lot of surprises in there. But we can go ahead and put in My Fancy new Thoughts on Bacon.

>> Steve Kinney: It's still kind of okay.
>> Steve Kinney: Add it, and there it is, right? Nothing really special, it's baby's first React app. We'll take a tour of the code.
>> Steve Kinney: All right,
>> Steve Kinney: We've got our index.js which is loading the application component.
>> Steve Kinney: Application component right now has just some Component state, which are the two posts that you saw on there, some stars, some content, so on and so forth.

[00:01:43] We can go ahead. We have that handleCreate, where you saw me creating a new post. And we basically render that with a post component that has, we go into posts. You can see that has the AddPost component. I'll let you venture a guess on what that does, and it renders all of the posts.

[00:02:02] At this point right now, Star and Delete don't actually do anything, just the ability to create a post. So again, a very kind of standard React app. If the other files in here stress you out there, they're just kinda presentational components. So we're not writing a whole bunch of UI code as we're go ahead and learning fancy state management and learning Firebase.

[00:02:25] There's just some very basic, like the SignIn component is a form where you put in an email and a password, and there's a Sign In button, so on and so forth. Those are kinda just pre-built for us to use as we go along.