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Figma for Developers Layout Grids Exercise

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Students are instructed to make a two-column grid with 36-pixel margins and 16-pixel gutters and then use a layout grid to create a frame with a padding of 20 pixels on each side.

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>> What I want you to try to do is just get comfortable. You have two jobs. One is, this is a small little frame here, make a two column grid with 36 pixel margins and 16 pixel gutters. But then use two grids, right? And this might seem silly at first.

[00:00:23] We'll see why you might wanna do it in a second. We wanna make a one column grid. You're like, why would I want a one column grid? Bear with me. A one column grid that has one row, one column, and let's give it 20 pixel margins on each side.