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Students are instructed to capture the searchControl output into a queryString. The data should also be mapped to uppercase letters and reversed.

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Transcript from the "Observables Exercise" Lesson

>> Open up your input.component file in the code, capture the searchControl output and input it into the queryString. Then what I want you to do is map the output, tall uppercase letters and if you're feeling super ambitious. Then you could reverse the letters or you could even URL encode the output.

[00:00:37] So we go into the code real quick and you may have to close your eyes and delete the code, as I may have put it in here, but in the examples form input. Quick, we go in here, just delete it and then put it back together, so it's in here, but on your honor.

[00:01:05] Let's just delete this and let's just do a quick five minute break where we solve this particular challenge. So we'll do a couple of little micro challenges here, and then we will move on so. Within the practical examples, open up input component, got it, and then capture your search control and put it into a query string.

[00:01:33] So, think about that, just put your thinking caps on, input it into a query string. Well we know what that is, we know what final input is, think about initial output, how would you do that? And then think about how you would transform it into all uppercase letters, how you would reverse it, and then how you would URL encode it.