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Ryan recaps the topics covered in this course, which include setting up a team for success, creating roadmaps and setting a vision, hiring and interviewing practices, building partnerships, giving and receiving feedback, and change management. He also shares a list of leadership resources, including books like "Radical Candor" and "The Manager's Path," as well as a parenting book that can improve communication skills.


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>> All right, we're coming to the end of practical engineering management 102. I hope there's been some really good takeaways, people have learned something. I just wanna recap that we've covered quite a bit. Jim got us from 101 to starting that being the manager and then we picked up where how to set up our team for success, dealing with roadmaps, dealing with setting a vision.

And we talked about hiring, interviewing practices, networking. And then we talked about how building up partnerships and why that's important. And then really, how do we give and receive feedback? And then lastly, how to deal with change management and make sure that we are helping our team through those changes.

I wanna thank everyone for just joining me and going through this course. I want it to be a helpful resource. It's great hearing a lot of the audience participation and input, right? This is not something that's one size fits all. Everything has these different situations and it's so helpful for us to kind of share our thoughts and input on various scenarios.

So I'm really thankful for the participation cuz I think that makes us all better. Now I wanna leave you all with some leadership resources. There's a lot of amazing resources out there. I actually have compiled a big list that I continually add to on Github. It is just a read me.

But it has a list of articles and books, podcasts, videos, various things on leadership. And I think that it is really helpful to always be learning or just getting different perspectives. I know in Jim's one-on-one course, he talked about the one book, the first 90 days, we're he didn't find it that useful.

That's okay cuz it was some other perspective that he's like. Yeah, I wouldn't do that. Maybe he took away two points out of it. And that's all, that's cool. That's like I think is really helpful. It's great to kind of always be checking and learning on these things.

So I have a laundry list of that and I've called out a few books that I found really useful throughout my time and ones that I would maybe if even gone back and read. One of my favorites, radical candor. This gets out a lot about giving and receiving feedback is so well done.

Kim Scott walks you through like a lot of tactical advice on how to provide feedback and have those hard conversations, so I highly recommend checking that one. And then our friend Sarah Drasner, and actually a teacher on Frontend Masters has written an excellent book that I feel is it does a really good job.

Of highlighting management for managers, but also for engineers who just want better insights into what being a leader looks like, how they can show up better. There's a lot of really good information on this book The Manager's Path, I think this was one that I read fairly early in my career and it has been a while.

I don't think I've gone back to it, but I have often given advice for newer managers. I'm pretty sure I've even told Gem about this one. that there was some really good advice in this book to just read covers a lot of different different tact techniques and being a leader, so I highly recommend checking that one out.

And then finally, a parenting book. Well, how's this leadership? Well, this is absolutely one of my favourite books. Yes, I'm a parent and I believe I read it because of being a parent. And yeah, okay, my direct reports are not kids, but I think there's so many great tactics for just how to communicate better in this, how to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk.

This is really valuable. I honestly think everyone should read this and it would just make you a better communicator. You don't have to be a leader or a manager. It just honestly helps with any relationship or conversation that you're having, so I highly recommend checking that one out.

Thank you for attending Practical Engineering 102, thank you all.

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