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Students are instructed to indicate in the title bar whether the changes are saved in the document.

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Transcript from the "Update Title Bar Exercise" Lesson

>> Steve Kinney: It's time for your mission. Your mission is, it would be cool in the window title to display whether or not the document has been edited. So if isEdited is true, we wanna add maybe edited, or some applications just put a star next to it, whatever you want.

[00:00:21] Write something in the title bar that signifies to the user that the document has in fact been edited. As a bonus, if you'd like, the Save File, Revert button, we can probably enable them, right, in the case that the file has been edited. Cuz like cool, we've edited the file, you're probably gonna wanna save it now, right?

[00:00:42] So we could enable those buttons for when we wire them up, but your main mission first is for set title. We wanna show something in that title that shows whether or not the file has been edited.